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Land Speed Record (album)

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Land Speed Record
Live album by
ReleasedJanuary 1982
RecordedAugust 15, 1981
Venue7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, Minnesota
GenreHardcore punk[1]
LabelNew Alliance
SST (195) (reissue)
ProducerHüsker Dü
Hüsker Dü chronology
Land Speed Record
Everything Falls Apart
Professional ratings
Review scores
Robert ChristgauB+[3]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide[4]

Land Speed Record is the debut full-length record by American punk rock band Hüsker Dü, released in January 1982 by New Alliance Records. It was recorded live on August 15, 1981, at the 7th Street Entry, a venue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[5] The album is a straight-forward hardcore record compared to the melodic post-hardcore that the band pioneered and performed towards the end of their career.



Hüsker Dü's August 1981 concert was recorded straight to 4-track soundboard tape on a three hundred dollar budget.[6] Mould said, "We played really really fast and kept it together; and we did it live with no overdubs.[7] Once the band had taped it they realized they lacked the financial means to release the album. Friend of the band and member of Minutemen, Mike Watt, offered to put out the album on his label, New Alliance.[8] The original LP release on New Alliance contained an insert with lyrics and upcoming tour dates. The album got a European release on Alternative Tentacles in the UK.[9][10]

The album was reissued in 1987 on SST Records on compact disc and LP. Like Hüsker Dü's other releases, Land Speed Record has not been remastered to alter the LP's sound for the compact disc release.[citation needed] The band's ongoing royalty disputes with SST have been given as the cause for not having a unique CD edition issued.[citation needed] Ken Shipley of The Numero Group has noted that the original tape was stolen from the band's van.[11] The SST CD contains only two tracks, one for each side of the original LP.

The Numero Group's 2017 box set Savage Young Dü includes an alternate version of the same set, recorded at a Twin/Tone Records showcase two weeks later.[11]

Track listing


Side One – 12:27

  1. "All Tensed Up" (Bob Mould) – 2:02
  2. "Don't Try to Call" (Mould) – 1:30
  3. "I'm Not Interested" (Grant Hart) – 1:31
  4. "Guns at My School" (Mould) – 0:55
  5. "Push the Button" (Hart) – 1:48
  6. "Gilligan's Island" (Hart) – 1:23
  7. "M.T.C." (Greg Norton) – 1:09
  8. "Don't Have a Life" (Norton) – 2:09

Side Two – 14:08

  1. "Bricklayer" (Mould) – 0:53
  2. "Tired of Doing Things" (Hart) – 0:58
  3. "You're Naive" (Mould) – 0:53
  4. "Strange Week" (Hart) – 0:57
  5. "Do the Bee" (Hart) – 1:49
  6. "Big Sky" (Mould) – 0:57
  7. "Ultracore" (Mould) – 0:47
  8. "Let's Go Die" (Norton) – 1:26
  9. "Data Control" (Hart) – 5:28



Adapted from the album's liner notes.[12]

Hüsker Dü
  • Hüsker Dü – producer, mixdown
  • Steve Fjelstad – remote mix, mixdown
  • Terry Katzman – remote mix assistant
  • Doug Remley – remote mix assistant
  • Wayne B. Case – remote mix assistant
  • Fake Name Grafx[13] – artwork


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